LA Housing Connection Information about housing issues, training for self advocates, professionals and family members of people with disabilities.

Research & Statistics

Data can set the agenda and the boundaries of debate – and the more verifiable and undisputed the numbers are, the greater their potential effect on all sides of an issue. It is important for proponents of supportive housing to be armed with information about its benefits for individuals and communities and to continue to collect and analyze data in order to strengthen the case for supportive housing, including:

• Disseminating information on important research about supportive housing;
• Conducting evaluations of supportive housing projects and initiatives;


Need for Housing for People with Disabilities

Louisiana Permanent Housing Initiative

Technical Assistance Collaborative, Inc. Louisiana PSH Initiative

A Katrina Success Story: Louisiana 3,000 Unit Permanent Supportive Housing Initiative

Louisiana Fiscal Year 2011 Consolidated Action Plan

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